coleandrossMeet Cole & Ross Slaven

These two boys are from a family that has been visiting our church some. We decided to take care of these boys for a while due to their family needing some help. We have had them for a week so far, and we will have them for a couple more weeks if things go according to plan. I know that is not a long time, but we are praying that for the time that we do have them we can have some kind of positive impact on their lives. Please help us pray for these precious boys, and please pray for us as well. While we are waiting for God’s timing in our lives for our own children, we want to help these boys as much as we can. Even if it is for a very short time.

coleCole (pictured to the right) is the oldest. He turned eight a couple weeks ago. He is the out-going one. I’m pretty sure he would talk to a post and not mind that it won’t talk back! He LOVES basketball, video games (with a passion), and Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza. It could be that these three are his greatest survival needs. 😉 j/k

Seriously though.. Cole is in first grade. He was not ready to advance to second grade at the beginning of the 2012/2013 school year. He is doing much better now though, and has been on the honor roll for the past 6 weeks and improving in every subject. He cannot pronounce his “R’s” quite yet, but for now that is ok because it is really cute and he will learn given time. I wish I could type out how he says “girls” it makes me smile every time!

He is talkative, very bright, and full of questions. He is (most of the time) very well mannered, but like most boys his age does tend to have a slight case of selective hearing at times. 😉  He has a beautiful smile, a big laugh, bright eyes, and a way about him that will steal your heart in just a second. He gives hugs and kisses constantly, and I am told “I Love You” more times in one day than I could possibly count. I love every one that I receive and he seems to love getting them back. He is precious, and so full of love.

rossRoss (to the left) is six. He is more quiet and shy, but once given a few seconds to get used to you would gladly give you a hug in a minute!

He LOVES football, and video games as well. While he seems to have a wider range of things he will eat he is still a little on the picky side when it comes to food. I’m pretty sure both of them wouldn’t eat a vegetable if their life depended on it!

He loves wrapping his arms around my leg and holding on for dear life while all I can do is manage to inch my foot along. This of course makes him laugh all the more! He loves to play “Come Catch Me.” and will run until I am about ready to hit the floor, but he is still raring to go. He loves being tickled and has the sweetest giggle.

He is also in first grade, but is a very young first grader. He can read but is a little slow with it. He is learning to count to 120. He gets a little stumped at times and leaves numbers out but given time and maturity will master that before long I’m sure. He tends to get frustrated with himself a little more quickly if he messes up, but with encouragement seems to get a second wind and wants to try again.

He has the biggest smile that makes his eyes disappear. He loves to crawl up in your lap just to snuggle. He will stop whatever he is doing to find you just to say “I love you” then off he is again to whatever he was doing. He too gives an abundance of hugs and kisses everyday, and I love you’s all the time.

We got each of them a new Bible for Valentine’s Day as well as some candy, and little toys. But anyway… These are the first Bibles they have ever had and they LOVE them! They both are always asking questions about what something says, or what something means or sometimes they will even just sit and turn the pages. Earlier today I asked them if they knew what the red words were for? They didn’t know so we told them those were the words that Jesus said. To this Cole said “Man, God sure did have a lot to say!” They seem to enjoy Sunday School and Church, but don’t understand why they have to sit still for so long! It’s sad that its so foreign to them, but I am hoping and praying that in time they will come to understand just how much Jesus loves them, and that they will be saved. I hope and pray that we will be a light to them and our home will always show God’s love!

We have only had them for a week, but just in that amount of time I’ve come to love them so much. They have so much to give and just want someone to show the same back to them. Again I ask that you please help us pray for these precious boys!

2 thoughts on “While We Are Waiting

  1. It is so good to see you and Bro. Jonathan opening your home to these precious boys. It is exciting to see what the Lord has in store for you two. Waiting can be hard, it is always easier when we are busy, and I say they keep you pretty busy. God is so good to us!

  2. Thank you for what you are doing for Cole and Ross. I had the pleasure of having them in my Math afterschool class on Tuesdays starting in January. I had missed them and then found out what had happened. I am so thankful that they can be in a Godly home, even if only temporary. I am praying that this time in your home will make an eternal difference in their lives. I know that God will just dump buckets of blessings on you and your home because of your willingness to share HIS love.

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