Just thought I’d share some progress. All four puzzles are finished. Now comes the part of having each puzzle framed. This could be a lengthy process due to the fact that it is somewhat pricey to have each one done. Below is a picture of each puzzle. As we have them framed I will be sure to also share pictures of each one as well as a completely finished project once all of them are on the wall!

photo 2-1

photo 2



We have also been working on the papers that have to be filled out to send in for the grant. Those as well as the fee are due by June 1, 2013. We are not sure if we will qualify for the grant. We will know the answer to that via email on October 15, 2013. If we get it, of course, it will be wonderful! We would then be required to attend a banquet in Maryland on November 9, 2013 where they will formally acknowledge each of the grant recipients.This is a grant for $10,000 so as you can imagine it will go A LONG way to help pay for the cost of doing in-vitro. However, if we do not get it then that’s ok too. God knows the need and as He has already proven through so many of you, we believe it will be met!

God bless you all and thanks for helping make our dream come true!


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