As everyone knows all of the U.S. is facing some extreme weather. Some areas are much worse than others. The only state that seems to have it easy is Florida. They still have perfect temperatures in the 70’s. I heard today on the news that the last time we saw temperatures this low in Tennessee was in 1996. That was 18 years ago! That is so hard for me to imagine because it seems like 1996 was just a few years ago. Now I just feel OLD! 😉

Anyway, when we woke up this morning the thermometer said -3! I poked my head out the back door for just a few seconds and saw the pond. It was so beautiful. In spite of the very frigid temperature the sun was shining very brightly on the pond which made it look all sparkly. I enjoyed the beautiful view for just a few seconds before quickly closing the door due to the fact that even though there was sunshine it was very deceiving.


I jokingly told Jonathan he should go take a picture of the pond. He surprised me and said that he was wanting to go outside anyway just to say he had been in weather that cold. I told him he was nutty, but honestly I’m glad he did because he got some great shots of his uncle’s pond. I think we have pictures of this pond from every season, but these are definitely some of my favorites.

I love living up on this big mountain way out in the sticks. It suites this country girl just fine. Way out here… in God’s country, every season seems to bring with it its small charms that can so easily be taken for granted. I love being so close to it all and being a part of it everyday. I just wanted to share with y’all some of the pictures that were taken this morning. Here’s to 0 degree weather, fireplaces, ice, and a whole lot of praying for a little snow… pun intended! 😉



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