This past Sunday night after church Jonathan and I along with our Pastor and family went to some friends’ house for a get-together they were having. It was an evening of fun, fellowship, food, football, and good friends. While the guys sat watching the football game the ladies had fun gabbing about anything and everything.

Everything from food recipes to family members, upcoming church events, and even some questions were asked about the progress we are making in raising the money for our procedure. As we continued to talk I expressed my concern that I sometimes feel hesitant to share our blog on Fridays. Not because it embarrasses me for others to know about our story or anything like that. My hesitation comes from a fear of what some will think or say. Now… I know I shouldn’t let this bother me, but when you are sharing things about your personal life it’s hard not to wonder what other people will think of you for what you are doing. There are so many people who have been an encouragement to us and have helped us, but I have to admit that I’ve come across some people that have been very negative toward what we are doing. I suppose it’s these few comments that the devil has used against me to make me feel this way.

Since we started our blog, we knew all privacy for our situation would go out the window, and we were willing to accept that fact because what we wanted most from all of this was not solely about raising the money we need, (of course the financial support is a great need) and we desire your prayers very much, but our greatest desire is that people would see the true desire of our hearts is to please God throughout this whole process.

Jonathan and I are not perfect. We don’t have a perfect home, or a perfect marriage. We fail and make mistakes everyday. I fail so bad at telling how good God has been to us throughout all of this. I’m thankful that in spite of my failures He still chooses to use ordinary, everyday people, and while we do fail we are trying our best to do what’s right.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being so selfish in sharing something else about “us…” every Friday, but at the same time I do believe that it’s a good idea to share often so that it helps people to remember to pray for us. We want people to see the Lord in our lives and our story. To see that we love Him no matter what will happen. While this is OUR story we want the whole thing to be based around Him. He deserves the glory and praise for the miracle that we are seeing happen in our lives!

We know that He has used many of you to help us financially and we do not take this lightly. We know there are many of you that pray for us, and there have been many days when I know God has heard and answered your prayer because some days are hard. It’s in these times that I’m reminded again of how weak I am, but how strong He is! I know many of you know where I’m coming from because in some way or another from your own experiences you know how hard it can be waiting for God’s timing so we appreciate those prayers very much as we are learning patience. 😉 This is my favorite Bible verse and it very often comes to my mind.

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalm 27:14

I know that while we have shared our story many times here on our blog and different social websites there are still many people who don’t know what our story is about, and maybe some will not even be interested to know, but we do hope that each time we share our blog that it will somehow be a blessing to someone else, that somehow we will be a help and a good example through all that we do, that somehow God will get the glory!

Thank you to all those that follow our story, and may God bless you all!


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