Maybe we should have been a little more specific in what type of ‘Snow’ we’ve been praying for! Wednesday night into Thursday morning, we got 7 inches of snow (the white powdery stuff) – the most we’ve seen all at once in years. Of course we’ve had a few other smaller snow accumulations this winter, but none like this.

It’s funny to see Facebook comments on some of the ‘shares’ we’ve gotten – people saying they’ve had enough snow, or they’re ready for spring, or other similar comments. While I totally agree (I can tolerate 90-100 degrees way better than 25 degrees!), I can’t help but chuckle about it all.

As you share this (and thank you so much to those who do!), please encourage others to read about our story and to give just $5 if they have the ability. Thank you for praying for us…and don’t forget to pray for the right kind of snow! 🙂


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