It’s been a great idea, and we’ve raised a LOT of money by selling puzzle pieces to frame for our future IVF baby. We’re hoping and praying that we’ll be able to have the procedure done within the next year, and today we only have $4,210 to go!

We’ve been getting a lot of practice lately by keeping our niece and nephew, 2 years old and nearly 9 months old, respectively. There have been challenges with them, mostly in getting to know them. It’s a lot of fun though, having little giggles heard through the house, little feet pattering across the floor, the two of them playing together and loving each other’s company. We are beyond thankful for the opportunity to have them in our house and be a part of their lives, and are praying for guidance in our lives and theirs.

So while we do that, we’re still moving ahead, following God’s will for our lives in pursuing IVF. It seems like we have such a short distance to go before we reach our goal. Won’t you help us? We would certainly appreciate having $5 given for a puzzle piece to show our baby how many people God used to help bring him or her into this world. Most of all, we covet your prayers as we move ahead.


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