IMG_6796e Wanted to tell y’all some more about this sweet, beautiful little girl. Her name is Kyeli and she is such a good little girl! She started staying with us on May 19, 2014 and turned 2 shortly after.

She is a good big sister and most of the time she loves to help. Although, sometimes when she thinks she is helping Dane doesn’t appreciate her “help” so much. LOL πŸ˜‰

Kyeli loves going to church and recently started going to Sunday school class with other kids her age. If you ask her what she learned about in Sunday school she always says play-dough! I think she mostly likes to eat it rather than actually play with it and her teacher has even warned me that I might find colorful specks in her teeth. πŸ˜‰ We love that she likes going to church and she is learning from an early age about being faithful. She often asks if it is “Church Day” yet and when are we going again! How precious that is?! Sure, she has no idea what church is about yet but that’s ok because she is learning.

Kyeli Girl :)

She has the cutest, curliest hair I have ever seen and everyone always comments on how pretty it is. Its longer than it looks but it’s so curly that you can’t hardly tell where the ends are, and to see what it looks like in the mornings is also amazing! I’ll have to share a picture of that someday so y’all can see. We always get a kick out it! LOL

She has always been such a tiny little girl, but she is no stranger to food. She is not a big meat eater yet and she doesn’t like eggs but other than that she will eat most anything else we give her… Even BROCCOLI!!!!

She likes: eating, reading books, watching little cartoons, eating, playing outside, drawing, playing with Dane, eating, music, helping me with laundry, doing dishes, eating, cuddling, playing with her little kitchen set and baby dolls, and that’s just to name a few of her favorite things to do.

She doesn’t like: nap time or bed time, taking a bath, or having her face cleaned.

IMG_1018As you can see her list of likes far out weighs her dis-likes. She is a sassy, funny little thing, and I think she knows it. πŸ˜‰ She is very active and keeps me on my toes for sure but she brings so much joy, and laughter to our house! She is so much fun and even though she doesn’t know it she is such a little blessing.

She always loved sitting in this little swing and was very content to stay there as long as we would let her. In fact.. sometimes she would cry if we did make her get out. πŸ˜‰ This was of course a baby swing that was bought with the intent of being used for Dane but Kyeli loved it far more than he did.

Photo May 27, 6 18 10 PMKyeli is very smart! She started learning shapes and colors a while back. She loves watching Barney and she has picked up on most of it from there. I didn’t even realize how much she was learning until one day as I was getting her dressed and she said to me that her socks were pink! (They really were) I started asking her what other things were and she was giving me the right answer. It’s been amazing to see this little one learn. She still does’t say much but I know there is a lot going on in that little head of hers.

She LOVES to clean! I can’t seem to keep a dish towel or cloth in the kitchen and if I go looking I usually find that Ky has it in her room using it for a baby doll blanket or it might be buried at the bottom of the toy bin. πŸ˜‰

She is a girly girl through and through! She loves dresses, hair bows in her hair, shoes, jewelry, and purses. She usually has a purse on her shoulder and shoes on her tiny feet. (sometimes my shoes, but that’s ok cause it just makes it even cuter!)

The thing she is most attached to is a stuffed cow. She calls it her “Moo” and for now she carries it around everywhere. We can’t leave home without it… In fact, we did leave home without it once and she cried for the longest time so for all of our sanity I must remember “Moo” from now on… or at least for as long as this attachment last. πŸ™‚

She loves to be tickled and laughs big belly laughs before you even touch her! I love her tiny self and her chubby cheeks and chunky legs. She is an amazing little girl and we are loving every moment with her!


IMG_7936eKyeli is 3 now and is eagerly awaiting her 4th birthday and her “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” birthday party. She has been telling us for a very long time now that is what she wants and she has yet to change her mind. I suppose we shall see in the next few months. πŸ˜‰

The phrase Time Flies When You’re Having Fun has been so very true with Ky. I often find myself wishing that I could make time stand still or at least slow it down a little. What a difference in just a short amount of time. Ky is a little fireball of energy and is constantly on the go. The only times she stops areΒ to sleep and eat. I love her busy-ness and how she is always looking for something to do. Of course at 3 years old she is always finding something to get into that she shouldn’t. She is always curious and is very watchful to what is going on around her. She has a heart FULL of compassion and is quick to respond if someone gets hurt. She may not know what to do to help but she wants to try her best. (Maybe we are raising a doctor or nurse?!) Anything that she chooses to do with her life will be just fine with this Mommy as long as it’s what God tells her to do. πŸ˜‰

She is a very smart little girl…sometimes more than I give her credit for in fact. I see her do things all the time that surprise me, and she often asks intelligent questions, like, β€œWhy did God make Baby Jesus?”

She still loves going to church. She’s beginning to retain some of the things she is being taught. We once asked her what she learned in Sunday School. Her reply was, β€œI learned about Joseph and he has a rainbow jacket!” We also recently began keeping her in the church services rather than sending her to the nursery because she will soon outgrow it. It’s been such a blessing to watch her in the church services as she listens to little tidbits of the sermons. She also loves to sing the songs as best she can – and she’s beginning to actually learn the words! We pray she always keeps this love for music. We also want to be a good example for her to follow – she’ll already say ‘Amen’ or ‘Praise the Lord’ and raise her hands. We love her little heart and her desire to be involved in church. Kyeli is still too young to be involved in everything the older youth get to do, but one thing she really looks forward to is Youth Meetings every other Thursday night.

Kyeli loves her little brother to pieces, and will often smother him in hugs and kisses. She’s learning patience in how to play with him, because his idea of play is definitely not the same as hers. While I have no doubt there will be brother/sister squabbles from time to time, I can only hope that they will build a good relationship as siblings while they are children so that they can have a tight bond as they grow older.

Kyeli is such a great blessing from God, an insane amount of fun to have around, and a complete joy to hear her giggles in our home. As our family has grown and we continue our journey that God has allowed us to travel, we’re more than thrilled that Kyeli is such a huge part of it.

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