Some of you probably noticed we didn’t get to do a blog post last Friday. That was because of a situation that arose that forced us to buy another vehicle. So we spent most of last Friday dealing with that new purchase.

terrainMeet our new (to us) 2010 GMC Terrain. It’s much bigger than the Prius and will be much easier to get everybody into when traveling around with the kiddos. It’s a very comfortable ride, and the extra weight smooths out the bumps in the road that we could feel very distinctly in the Prius. Don’t get me wrong, the Prius was a great car, and we loved the gas mileage, but God was so good to us in allowing us to get this vehicle. Holly Davis at Jerry Duncan Ford got us a great deal on it.

So while that’s a pretty big change for us, not much else has changed. We’re loving taking care of Kyeli and Dane…in fact, Kyeli just brought me a seat to fix from her dollhouse that had come apart. So she was pretty tickled that it was back together, but now she’s already moved on to something else. They sure do keep us on our toes!

We have $50 left to make it to $10,000. Would you consider helping us as we press forward to having an IVF procedure done? We still feel the Lord leading us in that direction, no matter how long we have Kyeli and Dane with us. We love them completely and are enjoying having a ‘full’ house, but we still seek to follow His will for us.


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