What is Advocare?

If you’ve never heard of this company let me just take a moment to tell you a little bit about it. They are a company that provides world class vitamins and supplements to help you live every day to its fullest. They are safe products and the best you can buy. They are formulated and backed by scientists and doctors. This company was founded in 1993 by a man named Charlie Ragus. His goal was to build a company that would help change families’ lives through helping them with financial support to helping them live a more healthy lifestyle. His guiding principles were to honor God through faith, family, and friends.

Our story with Advocare:

We used to push through our days by using Dr. Peppers and Mt. Dews. The sugar high and caffeine rush would last only a short time, then we were crashing hard and craving more. By the end of the day we had nothing left. Because of that, as well as our poor diet, we had gained weight and had no lasting energy. AdvoCare was introduced to us, and we jumped on Spark. We immediately noticed the effects – lasting energy and mental focus. Not long after, we both started using more products and began losing weight – in 24 days, we both lost 2 sizes in clothes and several pounds between ourselves! By continued use of AdvoCare products and a healthy lifestyle, we’ve been able to keep our weight under control and enjoy greater energy levels.