Welcome to “Praying For A Little Snow!” We have been on a journey for a few years now trying to conceive a child. I won’t go into details on this post – look for a dedicated page just under our site logo in the near future. I just wanted to write this post to say hello to all of you, and to thank you in advance for your prayers for us.

We have been having infertility treatments for a few years now with no success. Our next steps will bring about a substantial financial burden. From the day we were married, it has been our hearts’ desire to raise a family of our own for the glory of God. We continue to pray for His will, and following His leadership we’ll continue pursuing that desire He has placed in our hearts.

We thank you for joining us on this spectacular journey, and we look forward to what the Lord will do!


3 thoughts on “Join Us On Our Journey!

  1. Already in love with my new little niece or nephew! Praying and excited to see the miracles God will do! Love you both so much!

  2. Hi Mr and Mrs Jonathon and Becky, After reading your blog, just wanted to share how much it touched my heart. I do pray with you that the new little snow will be sooner than later. I can only imagine the ache in your hearts for this baby after all of these years. I know that you guys are the youth leaders of your church and maybe only in heaven will you know the little lives that you have changed because of your service to him in this area. Maybe it’s true that some lives and hearts would have not been changed if you would have already had your own children and not had the time to plant in these young lives. I am Mom to two grown sons and the blessing they are to me is undescribable, but have to contemplate that I have not been the blessing and true light to them during there growing up years because conceiving them was not something that we had to pray and long for. I do believe that due to all of these years of praying and longing for this little one that you will never look back, as many of us do, and wish that you could go back and give them totally to God and raise them in a way that you will know that you didn’t miss the mark. I am praying daily for this little one to come soon. What a blessing it will be for a child to come into your family~~~~<3

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