Just thought I’d share an extra special surprise…

A couple weeks ago at church a lady came to me and asked how things were going with the puzzles. I told her we had two put together and working on the third, but it was giving us some problems. We have made some more progress on it but it is slow going.

Then I realized what she was meaning was how much had we raised so far. I told her that we had just made another deposit and that had put us up to $460. She inquired as to giving through the website that you can only buy 10 pieces. To make a long story short we found out that some money had been given through our blog that we were not aware of. When Jonathan set up the Paypal account he had it set to send us both an email when something was given and who gave it just the same as we receive emails when a comment is made on a post we’ve done. Anyway though… To our surprise we had $270 dollars in our Paypal account that we knew nothing about. This makes us have a new total of $780. What a special blessing! Thanks SO much to everyone who is giving and most of all for your constant prayers.


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