This $5 friday is also Independence Day! I hope y’all have a fun filled, and safe weekend. I’m looking forward to a day with family and then going to see the fireworks tonight with the little ones. Then tomorrow evening we are going to a big cookout at my Aunt’s house so stay tuned for pictures. 😉

Also, let’s not forget the reason we celebrate this holiday. I’m thankful for America and its foundation! She is in sad shape spiritually but she is still the greatest country on earth. The freedom we have today is not free. It cost a great price and I’m thankful for the forefathers we had, that while they committed treason and signed their death warrant, trusted God and stood for what was right. I’m thankful for the brave men and women who are still fighting abroad to preserve that freedom and keep us safe today.

I’m thankful for God’s blessings on our land. He has truly blessed us all and I pray that I will not forget that. I’m thankful to be called a Christian and that I am God’s child but as I hung the flag up outside just a few moments ago a feeling a pride filled me inside and as I watch her blow softly in the wind I can say… I’m thankful to be called an American!


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