We just wanted to drop a quick post to say we’re back, and hope to be blogging again more regularly to keep you updated on our journey. Once we decided we were ready to get our blog back up and running we knew we needed to make some changes to update everything with the site itself and that has taken us a couple weeks to get everything where we want it. We hope you like it and we hope you will keep up with us here.

I made a promise that when we reached our goal that I wasn’t going to go into hiding and never blog again. Now that our family has grown, we want to share with the world how good God has been to us! Being a stay at home wife and Momma has always been my dream and now it has come true! Living every day with 2 toddlers is always interesting and there is certainly NEVER a dull moment in this house. There is nothing fancy about us. We live a simple life way out in God’s country and like it that way!

Like most other families we have a full and busy life, and it seems like we are always on the go but through each day our hearts’ desire is that anyone who knows us will know that we love the Lord… We know we are nothing without Him. My prayer is that as we live each day to serve Him we will be a light to those around us and I hope that our family will be a blessing to each of you as you read a little more about our lives from day to day!

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  1. Great post. . .and glad to see you blogging again. Now if I can get mine going again lol

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